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How It Works

  • Choose a photo

    From a simple selfie to a celebrity headshot, anything goes!

  • Build your avatar

    Get your personalized 3D avatar in a matter of seconds.

  • Track your face

    Use a webcam or smartphone camera to bring avatars to life.

  • Explore new worlds

    Bring your customized creations into apps, games, and movies.

Products & Services

  • Mobile App


    Try out Pinscreen, right on your phone! Upload a photo or use your smartphone’s camera and create your own avatars using the Pinscreen Avatar SDK. Explore AR video, animated emojis, immersive games, and more, then share your creations with the world.

    • Build an avatar

    • Animate your own emojis

    • Save & share your content

  • Avatar SDK

    Coming Soon

    Our Avatar SDK creates an animated recognizable avatar from just one selfie photo. We automatically captures face shape, appearance and hairstyle, and provide tools to customize your avatar’s look, glasses, clothes, and more! These avatars can then be adapted for use in apps, games, and movies.

    • Upload input image

    • Capture face & likeness

    • Hairstyle detection

  • Face Tracking SDK

    Coming Soon

    Our Face Tracking SDK is a real-time markerless facial performance capture solution. We provide high-fidelity, dense facial tracking from any video input (including smartphones, monitoring systems, and helmet mounted cameras used in VFX). It is calibration free and ideal for many applications.

    • Dense tracking

    • Real time performance

    • Calibration free