Virtual Assistant

A Full Stack Solution for Virtual Assistants

Introducing Pinscreen’s cutting edge AI virtual assistant solution. Our photoreal avatars can interact and chat with you naturally, and enhance your services with a human-like interface with unprecedented fidelity. Our cloud-based virtual assistants can be easily integrated into any website or mobile app.

Your Virtual Assistant



Our fully autonomous virtual assistants are available 24/7 and can provide unparalleled customer service and assistance for e-commerce websites, public spaces, homes, and cars. They can answer questions, make recommendations, and find the information you need.

How it Works

Open a page on your web browser or mobile app, that has a built-in Pinscreen virtual assistant, and use your voice or text input to talk with our virtual assistant. There is no software needed. Our 3D avatars are hosted on the cloud and streamed live to your device in real-time.

Photoreal AI Face Synthesis

Conventional Graphics

Pinscreen PaGAN

Existing computer generated avatars appear artificial and suffer from the so-called “uncanny valley” problem. Our proprietary paGAN (photoreal avatar generative adversarial network) technology allows us to synthesize faces and expression that nearly indistinguishable from reality. Our data-driven AI approach uses massive amounts of real world images to generate lifelike faces in real-time.

Full Stack AI Solution

Voice Text

Voice Recognition

AI Chatbot

Text to Speech

Lip Animation

Avatar Rendering

Video Streaming

We provide an end-to-end solution for real-time voice and text interaction with a cloud-based virtual assistant over video streaming. Our AI stack includes state-of-the-art voice recognition and speech synthesis, a freestyle chatbot based on deep generative models, and a real-time lip animation from speech technology.

Easy to Integrate

Our 3D virtual assistant solution is entirely cloud-based and does not require any game engine on the client side. Hence, we can ensure high-fidelity renderings independently of which device you are using (mobile, desktop, etc.). All you need is an Internet connection and you are ready to go. If for any reason you need the avatar to run locally, we can offer this service as well.

We'll Customize Your Avatar

We can fully customize the look, voice, personality, and AI of your avatar. Our team will provide you with guidelines on how to specify reference images and videos of your desired virtual avatar and work closely with you from start to finish.

Cloud Platform

Our cloud-based virtual assistant can be streamed to any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and is compatible with progressive web applications (PWS) for mobile devices. If you need a custom solution where the virtual assistant runs locally give us a shout, and we can figure out a solution.

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