The Most Advanced

AI-Driven Virtual Avatars

Virtual Assistant

Pinscreen’s photoreal virtual assistant is an end-to-end virtual avatar system for face-to-face interaction with an AI. Our avatars overcome the uncanny valley with our proprietary photoreal AI face synthesis technology (paGAN) and we support the entire NLP stack, including voice recognition and speech synthesis.

Our solution runs entirely on the cloud and can be easily integrated into e-commerce websites, and mobile apps.

Avatar Neo SDK

Our Avatar Neo SDK allows anyone to instantly generate high-quality personalized CG characters for their games and VR/AR applications.

Through our API, an input picture will be uploaded to our Pinscreen server and a fully customizable 3D avatar will be returned.

Stylized Avatars

Pinscreen has launched a high-end stylized avatar digitization technology. Using a single photo we can automatically generate a feature-film quality, animation-ready character in seconds. The resulting avatars can be integrated into movies, games, and other interactive applications such as VR and AR.

If you want a different look we can do that too. Our digitization framework can be customized based on your art direction to achieve the look you want.

Pinscreen App

The Pinscreen mobile app is the easiest way to play with our Avatar Creation Technology. Take a selfie or upload a picture, and let Pinscreen automatically generate your 3D avatar in seconds.

Customize your avatar, bring it to life using our face tracking AR technology, and immerse yourself in virtual worlds.

Face Tracker

Pinscreen Face Tracker is the most advanced real-time 3D facial performance capture solution for mobile phones and desktop machines.

All you need is a video stream or a webcam, and your facial expressions can be instantly tracked.

AI Face Replacement

Pinscreen offers two state-of-the-art face replacement solutions based on its proprietary paGAN facial synthesis technology: a real-time version and a high-fidelity version. By providing a video or live stream, we can replace your face with any person you want.

Our technology is production ready, and suitable for various media applications, film and entertainment, as well as live TV broadcasts.

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