Photoreal Avatars

Pinscreen’s Photoreal Avatar technology, paGAN, is the first end-to-end AI solution for instant 3D photorealistic digitization and real-time rendering of humans from a single input photograph. Upload a picture, and our system will generate a 3D face model with a dynamic textures on-the-fly, based on facial expressions, eye gaze direction, and viewing angle.

These photorealistic avatars are ready be integrated into any modern game engines. paGAN runs in real-time on smartphones and computers.

paGAN Technology

Unlike conventional computer graphics techniques, our paGAN technology is based on deep generative models and crosses the “uncanny valley” for artificial humans. Lifelike facial details, such as wrinkles, teeth and tongue textures can be synthesized without any prior information.

Input Image

Synthesized Facial Expressions

Dynamic 3D Avatar

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