Stylized Avatars

Pinscreen is introducing the most advanced stylized avatar digitization technology. Create a feature animation quality 3D character of yourself by uploading a single photo. Our solution produces an animation-ready and personalized 3D head model including hair, that looks like you, which can be attached to a body model and fully customized.

How it Works

Upload a Picture

Generate Automatically

Download Stylized Avatar

Full Body Integration

Use Cases

Face and Hair from a Single Photo

Pinscreen provides the world’s first and only solution that can automatically generate both head and hair models automatically from a single input photo. After digitization, you can still customize your look and hairstyle.



Full range of Diversity

Animation Ready

Our generated stylized 3D avatars can be animated directly, driven through performance using facial tracking or voice input.

Our 3D avatars come with fully rigged bodies in all shape and sizes. Our body assets can be animated directly using key-frame animation, or motion capture.


Stylized 3D Face Model with blendshape rig

Stylized 3D Hair model and color variations

Customizable texture and shading assets

Basic animation package

Genders: Male/Female

Avatars of all colors

Ages: Child, Adult, Old

Style Customization

If you need a particular style for your application or game, we provide a unique service to customize our avatars to your desired style. Our team can work closely with you on customizing the art direction and develop automated stylized avatar digitization framework that is unique for your project.


Client Art Guideline








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